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The Importance of Healing Your Gut: Microbiota & Microbiome Explained

  When we are born, we have a sterile digestive track. Once we begin nursing, bacteria colonies from our mother are transferred to our mouth, throat, stomach, and intestines, and eventually create our Microbiota- an ecosystem of multiple strains of bacteria. Interestingly,... Continue Reading →

Juicing Journey: Ode to the Yam!

It's been a hot minute since I've posted on my blog. So many topics I want to write about, all competing with the CREATIVE TORNADO that rips through my brain 24/7. As I listed out my topic ideas list, the... Continue Reading →

Back to Our Roots to Protect the Future of all Living Things and Planet Earth/Gaia

It’s funny what a little time for introspect can do for the soul. My heart has weighed heavy recently when I look around at the state of our world. People and animals suffering, forests and ecosystems being destroyed, oceans and... Continue Reading →

Da Vegan Yooper’s Veggie Pasty

It's always the 'everything but the kitchen sink' situations that yield THE BEST recipes! I've wanted to attempt a veggie pasty for about 8 months and alas, tonight was the night for success on the first try. A little background on what exactly a... Continue Reading →

A Cruelty Free ‘Thanks’giving

My heart felt heavy all week at the thought of our society's  annual way of "giving thanks". I won't stay on the subject for long, I just feel that as a race that has the ability to choose compassion over cruelty, we... Continue Reading →

A Celebration Roast! Meatless Edition

I cannot rave enough over this meatless roast. I've been pleasantly surprised with other products from Field Roast Grain Meat, and decided to buy this special 'Celebration Roast' for our Halloween dinner. It exceeded my wildest meatless dreams. I've mentioned before,... Continue Reading →

Trick or Treat! Best Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year. I love dressing up whether I have a party to go to or not. I thought a nice treat would be appropriate to share on this special day, and it comes in the... Continue Reading →

Tempeh Tacos

Who doesn't love tacos?! I grew up on tacos, and make vegan variations several times a week. I never paid much attention to the ingredient list in tortilla shells until recently. I was shocked at the long list of preservatives and set out... Continue Reading →

A ‘Yin Yang’ Approach to Vegan Activism

Lately I've been feeling rather overwhelmed, and I'll be honest, down right discouraged. Choosing a vegan lifestyle is rewarding in so many ways- I feel healthy and strong, I don't miss any animal food products, and I sleep well at... Continue Reading →

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