Hi, I’m Sav, and this is my weight loss story!

I grew up relatively healthy and active. My health and fitness took a back seat after I moved away to school, and my downward spiral began. I gained 100 pounds over 6 years and became a miserable untitledperson. I lost touch with reality, the people who were most important to me, and myself. My poor food choices and sedentary lifestyle directly linked to my negative outlook on life. I remember thinking, “I don’t even want to be around myself, so why would anyone else?” I hid under large clothing, avoided social events, and accepted that this was my new life.

After graduating and entering the real world my habits became even worse. Starbucks, fast food, office parties-basically all forms of eating unhealthy became routine. I was stressed, miserable, and in denial. I drank a considerable amount of soda and alcohol without thinking twice about the calories. I can’t tell you the exact moment that it clicked, it was more a series of moments. Like the moment I walked through my hometown grocery store and a family friend didn’t recognize me. Or the moment I stepped on the scale and saw 231 flash across the screen.There was no easy way around it-the first step to any solution is acknowledging the problem. Time to stop running from my problems. Well, hypothetically stop running. 

Untitled.pngMy determination to succeed ran deep, and I knew if I could make lifestyle changes and stay consistent with them, I could put a dent in the 100 pounds I had added to my body. I joined a gym near my house and committed to 2 visits a week. Gyms can be daunting, especially when you’re morbidly obese-but I wasn’t letting that excuse keep me from success. I religiously spent 30-40 minutes sweating tail on the treadmill followed by a series of leg, ab, and arm exercises that I completed at home. Two visits a week evolved into 3 or 4, and I started walking or hiking on the days I didn’t go. My 30 second jogging spurts grew until I could run a full 60 minutes straight. I even felt comfortable to complete my strength workouts at the gym instead of going home. The scale was moving, I could start to see my progress, and I felt energized and alive again!

I made changes in other departments as well. I addressed overeating through calorie counting and journaling, which
eventually lead to health and nutrition changes on a larger scale. I watched several life changing documentaries and transitioned to a plant-based diet. I completely eliminated alcohol, and still don’t miss it. I also spent a great deal of time working on my mindset. Turns out, positive thinking is a key input to this equation. Many people experience the “failure” feeling attached with weight loss goals, so I decided to remove that feeling and see where it took me. Turns out, it can take you pretty far!

Getting healthy is so much more than losing weight- it’s creating a positive mindset and finding balance in all areas of your life. My advice for those who are seeking change is simple. Create a mindset that is impossible to fail you. Find at least 5 things to be grateful for every single day. Be kind to yourself and be kind to others. Reflect briefly on where you’ve been and give everything you have to where you want to go. Be a person of integrity untitledand be thankful for what you have. Eat quality fuel for your body, and never stop drinking water. Get your body moving, every day! Go outside, do jumping jacks in your living room, join a gym, look up a YouTube workout- do whatever it takes to be active and make it your lifestyle. If you take care of your body, it will take care of you!

Life has rewarded me in more ways than I thought possible. I am grateful for this journey and the opportunity to share it with people who are seeking change. You have every tool you need for this journey, but the most powerful tool is a positive mind. Give it your all and believe in yourself because this life is the only one we have- positive change starts with you!

*YouTube: Governor Fitness Award Winner 2016*