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Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures

The world is in desperate need of our help. Humans, animals, forests, oceans.. are all being destroyed at the hands of the human race. Rain forests are being destroyed at an alarming rate. Pollution from factory farming is eroding our atmosphere.... Continue Reading →


Making The Switch

Cutting out meat, dairy, and eggs is an amazing, and in my opinion, heroic diet decision. Contrary to many beliefs, humans do not need meat to survive, or to be healthy. Studies continue to show that plant-based diets radically improve... Continue Reading →

Breathing Through Cravings

I recently read an article  that talks about the power of breathing to overcome cravings. Like many people, I've struggled with cravings my whole life, never able to keep them under control long-term. It seems that no matter how committed I am... Continue Reading →

No Change Too Small

I've spent the last week focusing on these 4 words for my own practice. I mentioned in my first post that I needed to focus on balancing out some areas of life. In effort to not overload myself with changes, I... Continue Reading →

Introductory Post

Welcome, I'm Sav! This blog provides a variety of resources for anyone seeking health and wellness changes in their life. I promote positivity, vegan/plant-based diet, and physical activity for a healthy, balanced lifestyle. I am also very passionate about animal rights, and provide information to cultivate... Continue Reading →

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