I cannot rave enough over this meatless roast. I’ve been pleasantly surprised with other products from Field Roast Grain Meat, and decided to buy this special ‘Celebration Roast’ for our Halloween dinner. It exceeded my wildest meatless dreams.


I’ve mentioned before, Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love expressing my creative side
and pulling together last minute costumes. I dress up whether there is a party to attend or not, it’s just too fun to pass up! This year I decided staying in and cooking a festive meal would be a great way to celebrate the first Halloween in our new home. I picked up a Celebration Roast from the co-op and paired it with a delicious assortment of veggies and potatoes from our garden. It was my first time making the meatless roast, and it turned out AWESOME!! I will definitely be using this for holidays and feel confident serving it to guests. It was amazing.

Our costumes came out pretty good too, considering my limited access to halloween storesimage-27 and materials. Turns out I have quite the collection of halloween paraphernalia. This year I brought my man’s favorite video game to life with World of Warcraft characters (ps, the movie is actually really good too!). He was Lothar, the supreme commander of the alliance, and I was Garona,the half orc- half draenei warrior. They come from different worlds and have a romantic dynamic, making it the perfect costume challenge!

Okay, back to the Celebration Roast. Rich and flavorful, this roast is stuffed with fresh cut butternut squash, mushrooms, granny smith apples, and seasoned with a blend of rosemary, thyme and sage. Packed with 23 grams of protein, 12 grams of carbs, and 7 grams of fat, this roast is a unique and healthy meal to serve any time. Simple to prepare, and the leftovers can be reheated or used for sandwiches the next day!


Roasted Veggies: I simply cut the veggies up and spread them on a baking sheet, drizzled some olive oil and spices over top, and baked in the oven on 425 degrees for 40 minutes. veggies.png

Celebration Roast: I unwrapped the roast and covered with tinfoil, placed it in the oven with the veggies for about 30 minutes. The roast is already cooked and just needs to be warmed through. The roast can be sliced and served cold as well, but for this dish I wanted it to be warmed.

Screen shot 2016-11-01 at 1.32.47 PM.png
Shout out to the Ginger Ale by Superior Ginger Ale. Fantastic!

And that’s it! Extremely delicious, filling, not harmful to animals, and it took less than an hour to prepare. Truly a must-try!

** Please note, no animals were harmed in the creation of this meal. Enjoy guilt free!**