The world is in desperate need of our help. Humans, animals, forests, oceans.. are all being destroyed at the hands of the human race. Rain forests are being destroyed at an alarming rate. Pollution from factory farming is eroding our atmosphere. Nearly 60 BILLION animals are murdered for human consumption each year. Humans of all ages and genders are starving, without water, and dying.  Oceans are being emptied of life and a catch all for contaminants. The sickest part? Humans are responsible for this mess.

I feel like I’ve lived 25 years in an idiocy bubble. I had never heard the term factory farming. I was aware of pollution but not at this magnitude. I knew there was world hunger but was never exposed to possible solutions. The last year and a half has been incredibly eye opening, and I only wish I had learned this information earlier in life. I am now left with an unshakeable feeling of needing to make a difference. I need to reach others who were like me, unaware of their surroundings, of the solutions, of the TRUTH. I have taken my battle cry to social media platforms as well as this blog in hopes to spread the incredibly important message- it’s time for action, and it’s up to us, the human race, to save our planet, our oceans, our land, our animals, and our race.

I know my dinky little blog doesn’t seem like the answer to save the world, but I can’t sit by and watch this quietly. If I can get through to even ONE person, that’s one less person contributing to the madness. Many celebrities are spreading veganism and other positive world changes, which will hopefully lead to an increase in the consciousness shift that Earth needs right now. If Leonardo Dicaprio can say goodbye to eating the flesh of animals, so can you.

The world needs our help. Correction, the world needs YOUR help. With an increasing human consciousness movement, positive change IS on our horizon. This is an amazing time to be alive, to participate and propel change in the direction it is needed. The internet has allowed us access to undeniable truths, casting light on unacceptable practices happening worldwide. The youth that are not zombied in to snapchat and the Kardashians will, and have already began to take a stand. It will no longer be easy to turn a blind eye to the reality that we are destroying our planet, our home. It’s time to say goodbye to our old ways and welcome new ones in with urgency. The animals, our forests, our oceans, our race, our planet, depend on it.